Primary 6 Classes

Monday: English 5.30 pm
Tuesday: Science 5.30 pm
Wednesday: Maths 5.30 pm
Thursday: Maths 2.15 pm
*NEW* Friday: 2.15 pm, 3.30 pm & 4.45 pm slots available


New Classes In Term 2

Term 1 is ending and many of our students would have finished their recent term test and assessed their learning for the past 8 weeks. To those who have yet to do so, let us be prompt about it and make immediate plans to improve ourselves before the mid year exams in May.

The Tutor has new time slots for all primary and secondary classes from March. Visit the centre for details or call +65 8684 5879 for immediate registration. We look forward to your decision to make a difference in your studies!

Where Do We Go From Here?


Today marks a fresh beginning for The Tutor and the tutees as they receive their PSLE results. Congratulations to one and all for giving your best, reaching for your aim with the best attitude, and achieve what you truly deserve and work for!

“Do make time to pursue your interests, forge strong friendships, and above all, enjoy the journey!”

Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong

We like to remind ourselves that while academic pursuit is important for us to continue learning and gain valuable knowledge, there are also activities that we should participate to learn new things and develop new knowledge and skills. Have we learnt to make coffee? How about preparing a healthy salad or baking a cupcake? Make a Christmas card for a special friend? Or simply, bring your parents out for a simple meal?

Some things are taught and The Tutor endeavours to share knowledge and experiences that make learning meaningful. Above and beyond, there are many other things that are caught instead of being taught. Having gratitude and showing it to every person that have played a role – big or small – in our lives is fundamental for one to remain happy and eager to experience fresh challenges ahead.

Very thankful to our children for striving and showing your positivity before the PSLE. Very thankful to the parents and caregivers for supporting their children and taking good care of them. Very thankful to one and all for contributing in ways big and small to build The Tutor and the tutees. Our stellar results are testament to your belief and expectations. The Tutor will continue to support every child to achieve his or her dreams!

Beyond Academic Education

_YZ_4286As many would be equally curious to know – does The Tutor also conduct training in specialty coffee preparation?  Unabashedly, yes!

Education is holistic.  Specialty coffee education is the beginning of many more education courses that The Tutor will be rolling out soon.  For now, do call us at +65 86845879 or email us at to register – at only $10 per pax!

Learn coffee.  Drink coffee!